What is the expertise of the My-CERT® panel?
Legal– Data Breach Consulting
  • 19 law firms
  • Average 46 years in business
  • Lawyers with an average 10-15 years of data breach experience
  • Offices throughout the United States, Canada, England, European Union and Latin America
Information Security - Forensics
  • 17 firms
  • Average 15 years in business
  • Ability to deliver end-to-end cyber risk solutions worldwide
  • Elite cybersecurity expertise comprised of former military, law enforcement and counterintelligence experts
Credit and Identity Restoration
  • 4 global firms
  • Average 39 years in business
  • 2 of the 3 largest consumer credit reporting agencies
Who triages the cyber event when we call your 24x7/365 incident response hotline?

Our incident response hotline is managed by BorderHawk, an Atlanta, Georgia information security firm. An experienced information security professional will triage the event during your call. If the event is a security incident, then BorderHawk will refer the matter to a My-CERT law firm who will immediately call the member to initiate and move the incident response plan forward.

We have a relationship with an information security provider. Do we have to use one of the information security forensic firms on the My-CERT panel?

No, however we have credentialled and pre-negotiated rates with My-CERT firms which provide members with discounts from 35 to 50% off the street rate. If you don’t buy cyber insurance and have a contract in place with an information security company, then the My-CERT law firm can contact and engage your information security firm on your behalf to maintain attorney-client privilege.

I have cyber insurance. Why do I need a Concierge Cyber® membership?
We encourage members to purchase cyber insurance, which many of our members do maintain. However, insurers:
  • exclude coverage for theft of intellectual property, patents and trade secrets, pollutants, bodily injury, property damage and often for unencrypted laptops
  • include Other Insurance provisions which either make the cyber policy excess or on a pro-rata basis with any other valid and collectible insurance
  • have increased retentions/deductible and/or reduced limits and coverage due to industry losses from ransomware and theft of money from business email compromise
How does Concierge Cyber work if I maintain cyber insurance?

Our platform and understanding of the cyber insurance market not only ensures but guarantees that the referred My-CERT panel firms and incident response comply with the terms and provisions of your cyber insurance.