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What is Concierge Cyber®?

Concierge Cyber is an annual subscription that guarantees members emergency response to a cyberattack or data breach through a team of high-quality providers, on a pay-as-you-go basis, at substantially discounted rates.

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We draw upon cyber risk knowledge from a diverse team of third-party specialists to provide innovative solutions based on a wide range of capabilities.


Our world-class cyber risk advisory team consists of highly-skilled individuals who average 25-30 years of experience in their respective fields.


We manage engagements discreetly with a small team of specialists who can work independently or collaboratively with your people.

What Others Say About Us

One of our global manufacturing clients knows what it’s like to have their business shut down by a ransomware attack. At 5:55 am on a Thursday, their U.S. headquarters was alerted to a cyberattack at their European plant at which point technology staff found identical activity migrating to the U.S. systems. Both sites utilized virtual servers on which their data was encrypted by ransomware. Their backups were also infiltrated and had data deleted by the malware. Their business operations came to a stop.

Concierge Cyber membership was invaluable. Within 30 minutes of calling the incident response helpline, our client spoke with a data breach attorney and team of experts to get advice and take action on next steps. Our client was back up and beginning to function within hours.

Concierge Cyber is a great option for our clients! Members have access to a global network of third-party specialists that is more robust than the majority of cyber insurers. In the event of a systemic cyberattack, where many cyber insurers have a limited panel and inability to respond to hundreds of claims in a single day, Concierge Membership guarantees immediate cyber incident response.

The majority of cyber insurers require prior written consent to engage third-party data breach firms. We represent a number of cyber carriers and are impressed on how Concierge Cyber membership provides its members with expertise and ability to immediately coordinate with insurance claim adjusters on holidays and weekends, which is typically when the cyberattacks occurs, to seek approval and move the incident response forward.

A cyberattack can trigger multiple insurance policies with different limits, retentions and insurers.

One Friday afternoon, I was contacted by a mortgage broker client whose workstations were encrypted with ransomware. While the client appeared to have backups of information stored on its server, there were no backups of critical information stored on workstations that were impacted by the ransomware. The ransom note demand was $250,000 in bitcoin and forensics determined there was no other way to recover the data.

Concierge Cyber membership ensured that that our client engaged the cyber insurer’s approved third-party service providers. Over a 3 day period, the forensics firm negotiated down the extortion payment to $49,000 to recover their critical information. Concierge Cyber membership also offered access to third-party coverage counsel to maximize a member’s insurance recovery. In this case, my clients insurance claim was paid by both their financial institution bond and cyber insurance policies.

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