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Concierge Cyber® membership will help your household answer these two critical questions:

  1. Who do I call for help when a cyberattack occurs?
  2. What can I do to reduce the risk of cyber threats?

With Concierge Cyber®, your household is guaranteed emergency response to a cyberattack or data breach through a team of highly credentialed third-party service providers at pre-negotiated and substantially discounted rates.

Benefits of Concierge Cyber® Membership:

  • Immediate access to a best-in-class Cyber Emergency Response Team at pre-negotiated and discounted rates
  • Pre-incident consultation with an On-Call Virtual Chief Security Officer (vCSO) – 2 hours per year
  • Ransomware Hostage Manual
  • Cyber Security Remote Fundamentals Guide

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Eagle Financial Publications members pay only $250.00 annually to join Concierge Cyber®, which is a discount of 25% off the published price.