Cyber Risk Toolkit

Cyber Special Ops works with leading providers of cyber risk management tools. We’ll match your organization with the best solution for managing your cyber risk. Your toolkit may include:

WISP Dashboard

  • Dynamic graphical reporting on the real-time status of your critical WISP (Written Information Security Program) elements
  • Up-to-date actionable data on your WISP
  • Easy access for management to understand and manage your WISP

Information Security Risk Assessment Tool

  • The foundation for developing and implementing your WISP
  • Assessment is based on the ISO 27000 Security Framework Standard
  • Annual assessments are guided and reviewed by information security professionals
  • Assessment answers are entered and retained online
  • Compliance deficiencies that require remediation are identified, maintained and managed online

Remediation Prioritization

  • Recommendations for remediation prioritization based upon assessment findings
  • Easy visibility and continuous management of remediation priorities

Information Security Policies

  • Complete set of enterprise-quality information security policies
  • Policies that can be downloaded, adapted and uploaded again to the portal for central distribution and viewing online
  • Online access to policies for employees

Service Provider/Business Associate Management

  • Enables you to survey any and all service providers/business associates regarding their critical information security capabilities
  • Addresses regulatory and contractual requirements
  • Survey results are color coded based on severity and delivered via an online dashboard for quick and easy monitoring of the WISP status of your vendor network